Researching to Practising

Throughout most resources I’ve seen they all mention how researching will only get someone so far till the person needs to do whatever they’re researching, be it devotional work, spirit work, magic, etc. That should be fairly obvious, no matter how many art books one reads, they won’t become a great artist till they practise doing art themselves. However I always felt like the more information I knew on an intellectual level I would be that much further along when I started on a spiritual level. This is not so. Or at least not to the degree I once thought. An experience I have with a deity might not be anything like what I’ve read. So all that information I’ve read on won’t really help tell me directly how to deal with this experience. However it can help give me ideas on what questions I should ask myself to clarify the event myself. (But not necessarily) But even then, hearing about an experience and experiencing firsthand are two totally different beasts. And you’ll find yourself looking at certain things you thought you knew well and finding out you don’t know it all that well after all.

Along the same lines, look at what one actually does, be it during prayer, ritual, holiday, etc. What sounds awesome and perfect in your head or on paper can be disastrous or unfulfilling when actually done. But you won’t know till you try.

All in all, from the short time I’ve moved from just researching to practising has given me this revelation: Researching will help me know my path, practising will help me understand my path.


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